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my generalizations of fandom communities were accurate, they rarely discuss the quality of a show or movie and mostly focus on the cool moments and what it all means for the future movies/shows. boba Fett and Obi-Wan are now almost universally panned, but reddit threads in dedicated subs were very positive. you won't see many or any critical comments even in threads for the worst marvel movies over at r/marvelstudios unless you sort for controversial. it's just how it is.


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It should be basically impossible to not release completed works like these unless it's such dogshit that it hurts the IP or company reputation.

Something is seriously wrong right now.


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But it is a bit stretched. in terms of really meaningful plot developments there has been 1) a successful rebel attack + empire reacting 2) the protagonist slowly finding that a regular life isn't in the cards for him. Much of everything else and most characters didn't really matter all that much yet. The whole "we must cut lose strings = kill andor" premise of the second half feels a bit silly and forced and lets the writers have the rebels not do anything (other than luthen and mothma, who are pretty cool).

Half the episodes were quite good, the other half just fine. One was dedicated exclusively to hyping up the heist and making us care about the side characters, and didn't hugely succeed on either of those. I like the show though, the last few episodes have been real good.