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Yep. I did this once at forest hill and prince Arthur. Dumb mistake, but whatever. I learned my lesson. Best part of the lesson is there were zero repercussions except a few lost minutes and maybe some judgement from others.


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So, I’m not legal expert, but here’s my take: I’ve had a couple of tickets in the past. If it’s just a speeding ticket, I just went to court with no lawyer. Especially for first offenses, the judge will usually let you go with driving school. You’ll pay the court fees and then for driving school.

It’s been a while for me though. I had a heavy foot when I was younger. Others might say it’s best to lawyer up, but that’s my experience.


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It’s a trip. About 25 min from mine in the Fan, but Yu’s China Bistro in Centerville (Goochland just west of 288) has the best general tso in the area imo. Chicken is always fresh, white meat, no odd bits, crispy/crunchy, flavorful, etc. Nice little bits of sliced garlic and green onion. Chef’s kiss.


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If you’re looking for a festive atmosphere and wintery drinks, check out Get Tight Lounge. Been a few times lately. No wait, great drinks, much cheaper than the Jasper.