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>I haven't heard of anyone named Princess Blanding and I'm not going to Google it because you're saying it as an obvious partisan dog whistle.

No, I'm not. Are you context averse?

The comment you initially replied to said

"... isn't this what richmond wanted?"

to which you replied

"I don't recall anyone calling for legislation to defund the police"

to which I replied

"not familiar with princess blanding's campaign platform?"

Princess Blanding is the sister of Marcus David Peters the man who was shot dead while naked by RPD when having a mental health episode. Lee Circle was renamed after him during the BLM protests in Richmond. Princess, ** a Richmond local**, RAN FOR GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA and was exceedingly popular amongst the BLM/ACAB/Defund The Police movement because of her criminal justice reform platform.

So yes, this is kind of what [some of] Richmond wanted.

Don't project your own partisan bullshit onto me just because I'm informed enough, and honest enough, to not lie about the fact that there 100% were calls to "defund the police" among people campaigning for the highest levels of the city and state government

If you honestly didn't know that or don't know who princess blanding is and don't care to educate yourself because you think anyone who brings that up is blowing a partisan dog whistle than I think you are far more ignorant than I initially suspect and most likely the person with the brainwashed partison-ideology


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We literally had a local gubernatorial candidate (the sister of MDP) who ran on “reallocating police finding” among other things like ending qualified immunity...

“I don’t recall” is what crooks say when they don’t want to incriminate themselves… in this case you used it because you’re either ignorant or being deliberately obtuse although I suppose they aren’t mutually exclusive.


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I mean I didn’t but I’m sure your self-righteousness makes you feel good

I should also add that nothing in the enws reporting says anything about the doctors "confirming" the heimlich was done correctly all that has been reported is that the resource officer rendered aid - where did you get this information?


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Used and used correctly are entirely different things

How current are the people in the school on CPR? I lifeguarded for years. If you don’t practice you forget and many people just go through the motions when learning.

“When emergencies happen you rise to the level of your training not the occasion” or whatever


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except semiconductors and everything needed to make semiconductors...

and of course things like Food, Fossil Fuels, Nitrogen based fertilizers, babies... minor stuff.


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tu quoque fallacy.

the CCP doesn't care about you or your best interests. They are actively working against you. Stop doing their work for them

"everyone is at fault for everything and no one is at fault for anything brro"