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Very misleading article imo. There is every likelihood that we will one day have the capacity to set up cities on planets of similar size and temperature and live there without issue, as well as find better candidates than Mars. The thing is, we will never get to that point, ever, if we let our current planet die. That future is a long way away, but I certainly wouldn't say it will never happen. I can't stand Elon Musk, don't get me wrong, but not because he wants to move to Mars.


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I work in biotech, and there are AIs that predict the structure of proteins based on their sequences. They're very good, very accurate, and we don't really understand how or why they work.


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Unless you're like me where you can give 500% on day 1, 100% on day 2, 50% on day 3... Forget about it for a few days, and then pick up again at 500% when you suddenly remember it exists again. Sometimes intensity does pay off.