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it is what it is.

100 IQ is literally a baseline average. you can always read and learn and gather knowledge... it may not 'raise' your IQ but you can be a better person for it.

and you definitely have control over your heart rate. i just had emergency open heart surgery and now am on a drug will regulate my heart rate until i die. my situation is a mutation and hopefully only in my body, but your situation can probably be made better, even if just by a bit.

try and get out for a walk every day. doesn't have to be much. my wife and i walk about a half a mile a day and it always feels good.


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the point is that if you are ever ANYWHERE and you see a polar bear watching you, you are now food. they do not waste energy following something that will not provide a source of food. obviously this photog is prepared, maybe a snowmobile sitting behind him, but this is the exception, not the rule.


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in Vail there is an awesome public transportation system, parts of it free, all of it affordable. the Puke Bus is fucking nasty. normally busses go down valley at least once an hour but certain shoulder seasons they change the schedule.

i ended up getting on the Puke Bus one night and had the the second to last stop. ie was wasted too but sober enough to get to the bus and seated in the back where it was empty. about five minutes in we are climbing a hill and a wave of piss and vomit comes sloshing back all over my shoes. so fucking gross.