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Well, I don’t think there is some magic, happiness algorithm, I’m just saying the concept of it. What would create happiness in an algorithm form? I think control.

I think control over what people see is pivotal to how they interact and I think we need to give back control to the users .

So maybe when you sign up, you can choose what you want to see, if you do want politics, maybe you can choose the level at what politics you see. Do you want to be challenged, do you want to be in a bubble? I mean that in itself could cause problems.

But I also think we don’t need any of that, I think what people really, like it was the fact that Facebook used to just be about connecting with your friends, purely a communication tool before it was bloated with wanting to be everything else like on marketplace and an advertisement center and pages for clubs etc

It’s the same thing that’s happening with LinkedIn. Are used to be affective as just a job search tool, and now it is bloated with politics. I don’t care about I would rather have more services that the one specific thing rather than one service that tries to do it all and I think that’s where people are getting overwhelmed and depressed.


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Hey OP , this is an incredible shot! I’m in the middle of planning my trip to see the northern lights. It’s a pretty important trip for me and I’d love to know any tips for being able to catch them.

Do you know if they will be present end of December / or in January?

Are they as amazing in person or can you only see them after post processing?