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Saying that minority spaces should be respected isn't spreading hate. Those spaces exist in response to discrimination. You say you want to spread love and not hate but you've been obnoxious to me and called me names. Maybe follow your own advice.


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No because 1)queers have never oppressed heteros and 2) all "neutral" spaces are always already straight. Inclusivity is about including those who have been excluded... Which again has never been the case for straight people. Not saying there should be an official policy or anything but I do think it makes sense to respect queer spaces. Do you also think that white people should feel entitled to join a college's black student support group? I'm not saying they shouldn't be allowed to but I think you'd be a shitty white person if you did.


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Please don't go to a gay bar's 18+ night if you're not queer. Edit:I'll agree that non queer people are welcome in American queer spaces when murder rates for queer and non queer are equal, when the US government/courts don't explicitly allow places like adoption agencies to discriminate against queer people, when one of two major political parties isn't explicitly attacking queer people in their discourse and policies, when a queer person can approach a potential partner without fear of a violent response, when members of the supreme court aren't explicitly saying that they want to ban gay marriage, when a major news network doesn't regularly demonize queer people, when companies don't get online backlash for having queer people in movies tv shows ads etc, when bullying/harassment rates between queer and non-queer people are equal, etc etc etc. Not saying non queers should be banned from those spaces, but I am saying they should avoid them. There's plenty of academic empirical peer reviewed research supporting my point if anyone actually wants to get better informed about this (e.g. Boystown. There Goes the Gayborhood).