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It really would be a way better direction for the MCU movies rather than yet another Various Superheroes Save the Universe Again story arc. Kirby and Lee were Jewish-Americans watching for years as the Nazis came into power, created these Hitler-punching superheroes as a way to process their horror -- and then they themselves get drafted into that war to help fight it first hand.

EDIT: Accidentally wrote Ditko was Jewish and went to war (wrong on both counts), removed.


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In other words:

Guy who created iconic character enthusiastically volunteering for highly dangerous mission to fight Nazis actually got drafted and ordered to do highly dangerous mission to fight Nazis.


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>Kirby was drafted into the U.S. Army on June 7, 1943. After basic training at Camp Stewart, near Savannah, Georgia, he was assigned to Company F of the 11th Infantry Regiment. He landed on Omaha Beach in Normandy on August 23, 1944, 2+1⁄2 months after D-Day, although Kirby's reminiscences would place his arrival just 10 days after. Kirby recalled that a lieutenant, learning that comics artist Kirby was in his command, made him a scout who would advance into towns and draw reconnaissance maps and pictures, an extremely dangerous duty.