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I park for free a couple of blocks away from The Wharf...using street parking after 6pm ;) (shows at the anthem are the only reason I go there)


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funny story - I went there with some friends when they first opened (we used to frequent Harbor Inn, which is what it was before Annabelle Lee) - we sat at the bar and got food (burgers I think..and the duck fat fries). When we paid the tab, a friend noticed on the bill it said "fuck fat fries" - we showed the owner and had a good laugh about it. I guess a typo caused it.....but anyway, for years we always called them fuck fat fries after that....I stopped by last week for the first time in years and had to hold my tongue to order "fuck fat fries"


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I closed in April of 2021. Due to backup, I didn't receive the application until October 2021, I applied. However, if I look up on REal Property Search, it says no application on file. Anyone know how long that takes to update correctly? Sent a message to the tax assessment office, but who knows if I will ever hear back.

My house was not accessed at the correct value for a long time - and now with this assessment I just got, its going up an additional 4k/year. They are assessing it now at the purchase price I paid (which I overpaid by about 50k) - which obviously is going to sting. Not sure how to contest it when its what I paid for it.


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try checking out a credit union - like State Employees Credit Union. One thing though, it seems some seller agents didn't want to work with them and since I didn't really know what I was doing, I just said ok, and worked with someone else. I assume this is because there are certain lenders that will approve anything and they were afraid of pushback from SECU. i encountered 2 sellers agents like this. I also tried using M&T, which a another sellers agent wouldn't use as they said they weren't local (?!?!). This was at the height of the housing market boom though, so things may be different now. I ended up using the lender the sellers agent wanted me to use and my loan was sold about a month later...and then again a month after that - which is exactly what I was trying to avoid.