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I mean the person can ask but there is no chance in hell the company will agree to it. I guess there's a difference between asking and actually voiding a contract and signing a new one.

OP I'm sorry it's not going to happen. You can see if they'll throw any extras in to make you happy but you need to think about if you want to break your lease and what the penalty is for that.


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Google cost of living estimates for both places and do the math to see what the difference is and adjust the salary to match, do research for your field for salary, etc

If it's such a specific role the general audience of Reddit won't be able to help.

Basically crunch the numbers.


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It's 2022 and as Covid is a known thing companies aren't doing Covid exceptions anymore. Also this is not how a charge back works. The hotel is going by their policies that are established and you agreed to when you booked the reservation. Just because you don't like the outcome doesn't mean you didn't get the services you paid for.

I'm glad you and your wife are being careful but unfortunately this is just how it shakes out.

You cannot do a charge back for this. It would be one thing if you had paid, shown up and they denied you a room so in that case you're not getting what you paid for. In this case the hotel is following policy so you would not win the charge back.

You may try and contact the manager and see if perhaps you can get a discount for a future stay by emphasizing how you're being responsible but they are not obligated to give you anything.