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One-time Samsung fridge owner here: Take care of your mental health and just get rid of it asap. Great if you can get $20 but if you’re in the city you can drag it to the alley and scrappers will find it pretty quick.


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This is true, but the alternative would likely be worse considering those intersections move a lot of people/cars, and wouldn't support the large central common areas. Broad/Boulevard may not be big enough for this, although it's bordered by things a lot of people wouldn't miss if they were gobbled up by an expansion...


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I was basing this on the presumption in the comment I replied to that it's not safe for pedestrians as a standard no-lights circle (not that I necessarily agree with that), and thinking more along the lines of Dupont/Logan where there are light-controlled xing areas inside the circle between the corners, allowing peds to move around the circle and into the common area in the middle.

> "This circle has a series of lights, which effectively kills any chance of it being a true traffic circle. ..."

But is it better than an 8-lane 4-way stop light?

> " This also makes merging into the circle difficult, because given the light cycle the circle may be filled with stopped cars which often create their own lanes."

The in the dc examples, the inner/outer lanes are physically separated so this doesn't happen.

Another thought would be to let ped x-ing buttons control the existing lights one block out from the circle, to stem the flow of cars long enough to cross without snarling the traffic already in the circle.


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I used them for awhile for the convenience factor; and my experience was sometimes good, usually fine, and miserable often enough that I switched after a year and a half or so.

Though competent and usually friendly, the docs seemed spread very thin and often completely exhausted. Very long waits and never had the same doc twice. Much higher degree of suspicion around prescription needs but comes with the territory I guess, was mildly annoying but not a huge problem.

Other than general stuff the only real issue I had was, when trying to get approval for a necessary surgery, one of their docs wouldn’t accept my previous (non-local) doctor’s assessment and test results on record, and demanded that I visit another specialist so she’d avoid any liability in signing off that I could be under anesthesia. She implied I might be lying about the reasoning behind their assessment but wouldn’t make a phone call to verify. Just made it a big hassle for me at a really bad time, though perhaps because she was used to being misled by other patients.

In all it’s not terrible and can be pretty convenient, and the people are fine but don’t expect personalized care or an easy time with specialized needs.


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It’s not their way of life, it’s just a leftover utility that used to make sense but doesn’t anymore, and they’re too proud or stubborn to deal with it.

If your entire argument hinges on pointing at other bad things to make yourself look less bad in comparison, you need a new argument.


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> They’re a herd animal, so it’s either kill the pod or none.

People hunted herd animals without slaughtering the herd for thousands of years prior to this. You just might have to actually work at it and respect the animal, rather than lazily taking full advantage of the odds forever in your favor.

> They’re killed pretty much instantly as the people doing it knows what they’re doing.

Sure pal. And they didn’t even see it coming.

> I don’t see how this is any different than fishing (which you can also paint to be some brutal suffocation of fish due to keeping them above water, but doesn’t change the fact that

It’s different because they are self aware and have complex family and social structures. You don’t see the difference because you don’t want to.

> it’s a way of gathering food).

A lazy, cowardly way to gather food in 2023.

> So please, without using pathos: Explain to me how this is barbaric and vile, since you’re clearly an expert after 10 minutes of Wikipedia browsing and a handful of Sea Shepherd videos.

It’s barbaric because it’s done despite full knowledge that it’s cruel and unnecessary. The sooner these people accept reality the sooner they can move past it together.


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> just like fishing

Ah yes, just like fishing, where, traditionally, a network of radio and sonar-enabled motorboats communicate to trap and drive an entire pod of terrified self-aware dolphins everyday dumbass fish into the shallows where they watch for 20 minutes, through a thickening fog of their family’s blood as their kin are slaughtered before finally being dragged ashore to receive their poorly served hacks to the spine.

Just like my grandfather taught me as a lad.


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> If you—the proverbial you and not individual you—go to the beach for an all-day outdoor music festival and didn't pack sunscreen or bring an umbrella or tent and can't find any shade to stand under, yeah, you're gonna get a pretty bad sunburn and/or heat stroke. Both of those things are typically preventable with the right planning.

> There are plenty of stories of people getting seriously ill, injured, or dying from being exposed to the elements and not having appropriate clothing.

You'll be a great dad someday if you're not already - but in this case, they didn't pay for an outdoor experience. They paid for an indoor experience with the implied promise of a reasonable line, which they dressed for. Nobody brings coats and umbrellas to clubs like that when its just sprinkling, because it sucks to have to deal with them inside when it's 90deg and packed with people dancing, and they're likely to get ruined/lost/stolen anyway. OP did exactly what club-going adults have been doing for decades. It's an international standard.


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Jeez man… Feel like you’re being overly tough on them. We don’t know how underdressed she was or if they had umbrellas, but it’s 100% normal and expected for people to dress down when going to packed clubs that don’t have coat checks. Standing in a normal line for 15 min like any of us would expect at a show might have been fine, but it sounds like the club advertised an earlier show, or at least didn’t make it clear what time it was starting, then didn’t let people in til midnight. These are probably kids and honestly OPs post is pretty self aware, all things considered. They could have made better decisions, but this club fucked them over