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This is just how mass factory restaurants work. There's a checklist, they follow it to the letter or they get docked by corporate. Everything they do is part of the brand that is eating at Texas Roadhouse that they're trained to do that was all worked out by some kind of marketing team in a lab-restaurant at the corporate headquarters. All of it. Why does the manager come by at precisely that time? Because it's in the script. Why the new baskets of bread? It's in the script. They will do the exact same thing at every Texas Roadhouse location everywhere. Because that's the "Texas Roadhouse Dining Experience".


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> Standardized Field Sobriety Tests were created to test for alcohol impairment and NOT marijuana impairment. The current Field sobriety tests are unreliable when it comes to an indication of marijuana impairment

The only "field sobriety test" that has any scientific basis is a properly administered horizontal gaze nystagmus test, and even that is easily rendered completely inaccurate by things like holding the object too close or too far from someone's face, moving the object too fast, incorrect angle, not viewing the eyes at eye level, movement of the fluid in the inner ear, dry eyes, caffeine, contact lenses, stress, smoking, seizure medication and antidepressants.

So that one is garbage too. Field Sobriety Tests (the dog-and-pony show) exist for no other reason than that they will almost certainly be used to claim probable cause to force an arrest and chemical testing.


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The list attached to the DL-180R form is newer (revision date is January of this year) than the publication date of PUB195US (July 2018).

FWIW, DL-180R matches the RealID document requirements for supporting documentation of proof of residency: https://www.dot.state.pa.us/Public/DVSPubsForms/BDL/BDL%20Fact%20Sheets/FS-RIDC.pdf

It's likely they just never updated the other publication.