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Ah, I had heard about the VPs and up being required 3 days a week. I thought they were saying that had already been happening and they were going to make a new announcement on Monday (aka all other employees)


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Wpxi reported the other day that Highmark has plans to announce changes to its Work From Anywhere policy this coming Monday as well. Haven’t seen or heard about it anywhere else though. These companies really are stuck in the past. I know several people they hired specifically as “100% work from anywhere”.

For them to just completely alter such a large part of the job like that just because there are layoffs everywhere and they have the power to do so is completely unethical. Many people took these jobs specifically because of that agreement, and now the companies are deciding to change it, employees don’t have much of an option because the job market is so screwed in tech right now.


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For sure but there are waaaay less jobs hiring as remote now, and the ones that are have tons of applicants.

People wouldn’t have to worry about this if the company that hired them as “100% remote, Work From Anywhere!”, didn’t just decide to completely change their work agreement. The only reason companies are doing this is the market tanking and everyone getting laid off