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Bought my house in 2020, then we had those terrible storms in '21. The downburst threw a tree at my house. The top 20-foot portion rolled over my roof like a tumbleweed and landed on the highest power line in front of the house.

Incredibly no damage to the house. I lost a window screen and a gutter got bent, that's it. My insurance covered the entire cost of removing 5 trees that the tree service said were at risk. All in all, I feel extremely lucky.


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I'll be honest with you, I hated North Side. Lived there for 3 years after being in Bloomfield for a while. The character of the neighborhood is just so different from the East End. And I never really felt safe living there.

As others have said, you might want to look at Brighton Heights instead if you're considering that part of the city.


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They'll take a ton of cardboard. Just break and cut it down to manageable chunks. When I have a lot of cardboard, I'll stack it and wrap with duct tape string so they can just grab the bundle.

edit: use string instead


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Stede and Edward in Our Flag Means Death. That romance came on unexpectedly and drastically elevated the show. And it turns out there is a whole bunch of historical precedent for pirates, Blackbeard specifically, to have been involved in gay relationships.

Absolutely cannot wait for season 2.