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Thanks for the link, looks like a great resource. I've seen a lot of Americanized recipes (which come pretty close!) use saffron, but I've never seen the batter before. Almost any fried breading in Italian-American cooking will use egg as the "glue". Anyone know if a batter made from flour would make a big difference in the end result compared to egg?


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It's not supposed to be a fancy sandwich served to impress tourists. It's an affordable every-man's sandwich that hits the spot after a long day at work or a long night out. Basically it's just good street food.


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"I'm trying to lose weight, that's all" lol

Awesome video and they seem like great guys. I didn't know that chopped cheese was such a new thing, with how much cred it gets as a classic NYC sandwich I would have figured there was a longer history to it.


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I've made both this version and the more traditional stew version. Stew tasted better, but this is obviously prettier.

If I were serving my family, I'd go with the stew, if I were hosting a dinner party I'd serve this version.

Honestly though, neither becomes all that much more than the sum of its parts, it's just a veggie medley.


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Try to brush it off next time, authenticity policing isn't only rude it's almost always wrong.

Unfortunately the way Reddit works is the first few comments/upvotes swing the entire rest of the comments section. So if four or five of those pedantic jerks get here first, they set a snowball in motion and suddenly you have an entire thread of confidently incorrect takes.