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Make curry using a pressure cooker.

Cocaine Bear was stupid fun. Watched it last night. Wish there was higher body count but some of the kills were pretty brutal.


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If you're talking about Golden Skillet on 360 West shopping center, that's been there probably since the shopping mall went up.

I came to US in 1988 and saw that place while going to small karate studio in 1989.

I did things here and there and came back to VA in mid 2010s and was surprised that Golden Skillet is still operating out of same location eventhough just about every other stores changed.


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Also half chicken and I think regular steak.

But he was going to be disappointed anyway since there was only 3 pieces of steak

He put in sour cream which I don't particularly like but at least it had spicy red chili sauce and fajita veggies.


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Sorry Patrick B.

Looks like I got your lunch from Chipotle.

I don't know who got mine but hope they like chicken and guajillo steak bowl.