ingloriousbaxter3 t1_jac6lgo wrote

Since you count Squid Game in your post I would highly recommend Alice in Borderland.

People get teleported to an alternate reality where they’re forced to play games in order to survive. It does have an over-arching story and a mystery to solve. I liked it a lot more than Squid Game


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_jac4tz2 wrote

Personally I feel like if something has been available to the public for two weeks it’s fair game.

I don’t intentionally spoil things if I know someone doesn’t want to know, but I think it’s a dick move to expect the rest of the world to cater to you if you’re just putting off watching something.

If something is so important that learning things about it will enrage you, then you have a responsibility to see it in a timely manner


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_j2fxk6a wrote

I completely agree with you that it seems like a film made by people who hate Marilyn Monroe.

It was tough to watch but not because it’s a realistic portrait of the horrors this woman went through but because it’s an exploitative piece of shit that’s way too far up it’s own ass


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_j25835y wrote

I love Alice in Borderland.

I really enjoy Squid Game but personally like Alice more. I feel more emotionally connected to the characters and the games are more interesting and compelling. I also love how outright anime it is.

I haven’t watched season 2 yet, but I’m excited