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When I read the complaints and rebuttals from the council members, I think:

why doesn't the city council/city draft a counter proposal. All of their complaints can be fixed and addressed via contract managemen

And then I remember it's Baltimore city, and the council members are clowns who put performative reelection antics over anything else.


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Genuinely funny, BUT..

Sadly, many people actually think this, and many more support policies that are in line with this.

If Richmond is a popular and attractive place to live, we should... Build much more housing, attract more business, upgrade infrastructure, blow tons of money on public transportation.

The best thing for the city to do is capitalize on the boom of people, and not resist it.


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> The bill arrives with a 23 percent service charge added, and the explanation that it’s “used to provide equitable, consistent wages and benefits for all employees.” I like not having to do math after a meal, and I appreciate seeing people paid for jobs well done.

I really think it's dishonest to not mention the wage theft. It's documented, just mention it. When some own/manger gives comments about benefiting employees, you got to note that "he is accused of stealing money from employees"

Bmore Sun



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>Crime Insider sources told Jon Burkett that Stone was arrested for 50 counts of possessing child pornography. If convicted, the first count carries up to five years in prison. CBS 6 legal expert Todd Stone said that each additional charge carries up to 10 years if convicted.

>Stone is currently on leave without pay.

Leave without pay is kind odd, no to mention that the "leave" part is actually jail.

Man, real odd none of the other cops figured out this guy was into child porn... Real odd.


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Yea that's again easily fixable through contact control and permitting.

Contact includes a clause saying BGE must leave space for city fiber.

And when each new conduit is build, in the permit process, the city requires space for the said fiber conduit. If it's not shown on the permit submission, it's rejected.

Every other city has does it differently besides Baltimore. I love Baltimore city with all my heart. But I can say, i don't think Baltimore is the only one who knows this some secret of owning conduit is some genius stroke.


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> Such unilateral control could jeopardize the city’s stated goal of using the conduits to provide broadband access to all city residents. >Six million dollars of American Rescue Plan funds were set aside to route fiber to 23 recreation centers and create 100 Wi-Fi hot spots.

Is the city actually going to do this? I mean, has any work been contracted in support of this? And if this is the main reason, add it as a contract requirement, that's an extremely easy fix via contract management. BS argument.

Not saying this is right or wrong overall, just saying this is not the norm when it comes to conduit install in a city. The current system sucks. I don't see how keeping statue quo will make it better.


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Sorry boss, that's Transit Link Card, which covers:

  • WMATA Metrorail and Metrobus
  • Montgomery County RideOn
  • DASH – Alexandria, VA
  • MTA CityLink, LocalLink, Express BusLink (up charge included), Metro SubwayLink and Light RailLink

So if you're going to take MTA bus, to MARC, to Metro I got a feeling it's going to beat your scooter.

This confirmed my suspicion, you don't take the bus. Keep to your scooters.


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What are you talking about. It's how much people pay. Public transportation should not require ROI or break even. Roads certainly don't.

A charmpass daily is between $4.60 and $2.48.

Your comments are nonsensical. It's clean you have no idea who rides the buss in Baltimore or even taken it if you think scooters and bikes are a better system.


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This is such an embarrassment. The typical frequency:

> Rides come every 15 to 20 minutes, every 20-25 minutes for the Banner Route. All you have to do is step on and go.

Take money from BPD to pay more for drivers and repairs. People need to get places, I sure as hell don't need someone to harass me on on the street and show up 2hrs after crimes to shrug at me.


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Damn, i thought several of these were just nice ,local, quiet spots. Now I need to evaluate if I'm trash.

Side notes:

  • Venice Tavern use to sell spaghetti. Going there now, that seems ilegal.

  • Idol Hour: once bough oysters form a guy sitting in the back of the bar near the bathroom. They were exceptionally fresh. He also tried to sell me a "bag of fresh crabs", i donkey declined because I just ate.

  • Every one needs a good Mt Royal Tavern story

  • 1919 smells like they still let you smoke inside


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Many many people, especially in the burbs, talk about Baltimore (and american cities in general, though applicably globally) back in the day as some wonderland. But cities were significantly dirtier, water more polluted, and more run down. Not to even bring up the smack in your face racism and in general discrimination.

We've had amazing progress in the last 50yrs. And we need to stop romanticizing the past. The past was the worst.


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It's real BS from the city permit office. In other countries in MD and in DC, if you want to build a conduit/gas line/water line, the permit office requires that the contractor needs to include repaving the road curb to curb, curb repair, sidewalk repair/improvements, road striping.

It's a good way for municipalities to get road improvements without having to pay for them out of pocket, it just becomes the cost of construction.

I do not see Baltimore enforcing this anywhere in the city. And if they did, we'd have a nicer place to live in.


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BGE is redoing the natural gas lines in the neighborhood. They should re-pave the road at the completion of the work.

But I doubt if they have an expected date. BDOT may have a date, BGE may, possible the council person. Real answer is they'll do it when they do it, if they do it at all.

Road repaving in this city is a crime, the city permitting office needs to enforce.

EDIT: BGE identified a corroded gas main in the summer


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> MobilityLink had an on-time performance rate of 92.6% in September, the most recent month for which the data is available, according to numbers provided by MTA, part of the Maryland Department of Transportation. That’s down slightly from 94.7% in August but up from the lowest point of the year, which was 73.3% in March. >A ride is considered “on time” if a driver arrives within 30 minutes of the assigned pickup window. A passenger is considered a no-show if they are not at their pickup location within five minutes of vehicle arrival. >MTA spokesperson Veronica Battisti said in an email a “reasonable wait” is expected of paratransit riders just as bus or light rail riders might have to wait at stations.

If you got a 30min window and aren't 100% that's terrible. But in there defense, that's exactly how MTA treats people riding the bus.

City needs better, much more frequently, more reliable transit. For everyone.


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> The department says that if you or someone you know is faced with a mental health issue contact suicide-prevention and crisis counselor by dialing 988.

Don't call cops in a metal health crisis event, that's how people get shot. Glad Baltimore County PD have come to the same realization the rest of us had a long time ago.