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The turtle Maturin is a guardian of the Beam like Shardik the bear. I wonder if turtle died as a result of the Breakers or just something else.

I think King mentioned there’s a guardian and a demon on each Beam, It could have been that Beams guardian.

Also Dandelo was likely a spawn or relation of It as well.


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Reply to comment by somersquatch in [I ate] Sushi platter by IaryBreko

There’s a bunch of random hole in the wall sushi places which are that cheap at least in Vancouver. Recently I went to one up the street from English bay (can’t recall the name) but was super cheap for a bunch of sushi and couple Sapporo


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Usually leadership sets priorities on project work. But if that is not an option, see below:

So you're missing the fundamentals of PM here: WBS. Take something ground up like PMBOK to understand what needs to be done. There are multiple pathways here but a WBS would be the first thing to do. Then understand and create your critical path for one project. Repeat for each project involved.

THEN extrapolate that into a project of managing projects.

THEN superimpose your schedule on top of that. Et voila, you are now a PM. It's really not that bad but I think you're missing some basic stuff that a good PM course would teach you.

Glad to discuss further but my rate is $170 an hour :) just kidding


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The mentally unwell need professional interventions such as medication or therapy/psychologist help. Staying away and out of the world isn’t actually an option, it’s a coping mechanism.

Clearly the OPs message was that you belong and are welcome in this world. Not that you are forced to be anywhere.

Are you mentally unwell? Maybe you need help.