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Few thoughts.

How much work does the jeep need? Having a paid off car and a car note when you are in debt isn’t necessary. Get one of those assets off the books.

What is the PC payment and how long is that going to last? Computers today are cheap you could get a decent one for school for $300 or less. This payment reminds me of the predatory commercials that used to run on MTV where people paid $3K over a few years for a $500 computer because the monthly payment was affordable to them.


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Yes. Shine is one of the 5 S’s but this looks pretty beat up and dirty. The tape and sign are very much to set in order, standardize, and sustain. It’s art of lean manufacturing principles.

That trash can has a place and normally the tape is different based on what should go in that tape (safety supplies will have a different color from cleaning or tools) the signs makes it clear what should be there. Most warehouses or plants use 5S to easily identify when things aren’t in their designated place and clean.