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I recommend going above and beyond and buying a jumper pack with a compressor. I have one from Costco that has the battery pack charger, jump kit, compressor, and USB power bank.

Something like this. I'm not recommending it, just giving you an idea.

DEWALT DXAEJ14 Digital Portable Power Station Jump Starter: 1400 Peak/700 Instant Amps, 120 PSI Digital Air Compressor, 3.1A USB Ports, Battery Clamps , Yellow


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Carnahan is a super twisty road in spots. Even going the speed limit could cause a wreck on could be bad tires, cold tires, asphalt, oils, a dip, a turn.... just to many factors.

Are you talking further up by the new builds by gt road? Or are you talking down by the school on the suicide bend?