jez124 t1_jd9o5b8 wrote

some dumb storylines this season.Nothing felt concluded by end of season. The prison arc storyline was dumb. Didn't like the Bunny Direction. The mother remains annoying. And I gotta wonder at some point what the deal is with their portrayal of cops here. Are we meant to root for them? Is this like a CBS procedural ala Blue Bloods or like The Shield? Should we feel bad the psycho SWAT guy got wrecked?

Despite being only into 2nd season storylines have gotten tiring. Strangely enough this show needs more of Mike the Mayor helping out the common folks or something like that. Instead of putting out fires left and right.Bit of downtime is needed.


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Warner are going to have for fantasy lotr on film and GOT on tv if it all works out.Good combo. I hope they do get to do the films and it turns out great. Plan it out properly.

Also hoping the dune 2 and dune sisterhood hbo max shows are great and a hit.

Amazon will be fine either way. I know the show is a bit hated in these parts but its a solid base so far. They can definitely up the pace and improve on what they have built. At the very least the budget, production values and Score will carry hard. Amazon in general seems to be going hard for big shows recently with fallout, possibly god of war, mass effect and blade runner all coming later.


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This will be a hit like gray man and the other cop/military/detective shows on amazon but I hope it's good. While the spinoffs from other countries ideas sounds good on paper .....its all a bit much.

The Gray man was a waste.