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>I think HOF worthy careers are people who can't be stopped simply by kicking the other way.

>Not at all, if we were talking about more than 19 TDs maybe I'd reconsider.

Well which is it lol

>And he's only trailing Hester by 4 TDs

That’s a lot when you’re talking about 14 vs 10. Almost 30% less. Imagine if the NBA scoring leader was 30% above second place…


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Idk, makes sense to me that the NFL should have at least one punt returner in the HOF, and he’s the obvious choice.

He definitely had a major drop off, but that doesn’t negate from what he was able to accomplish. It seems to me that even if he continued at the pace of his first 2 years, you’d still say he isn’t worthy of being in the HOF by virtue of being a special teams player anyways.


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Of course not. But I don’t think the distribution of returns throughout his career should necessarily play a role in their decision making. The fact that he has the most punt returns in NFL history (by a wide margin) takes precedence over that.


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>In response to Berhalter's characterization of the events, Danielle Reyna said, "Without going into detail, the statements from yesterday significantly minimize the abuse on the night in question. Rosalind Berhalter was my roommate, teammate and best friend, and I supported her through the trauma that followed.

This is gross. What kind of sick person leverages her friend’s trauma 30 years later because her son didn’t get enough playing time?

Gio deserved to be on the field, but damn his parents are awful.