kgro t1_jdpuvus wrote

Honduras can not be considered now as a reliable diplomatic partner, as it will sell you out to the highest bidder, and now everybody knows this. This is what I am talking about. Big controls can afford flip flopping, it for the small countries these kind of moves force them literally into one corner, and Beijing will always take the advantage of the new weakness that Honduras has called upon itself.


kgro t1_jdppk20 wrote

Very quickly Honduras might find out that moves like this are very very expensive. Reputation — gone, larger support by international community — gone, help from China if shit goes gown — unlikely, now that they’ve cornered themselves in.


kgro t1_j2d13pe wrote

No, he didn’t want to be part of meat send to the meat grinder. Make no mistake, he has joined the forces because he thought being a meat grinder will make him comfy.

My comment clearly did not address all Russians, only those, who chose to serve the position of power as long as they could enjoy better position at the expense of others. Fuck them!