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Yassssssssss sharks are older than trees. I’m also pretty into ocean life as well

I was also really into orca whales in Jr High. There’s some pods with only a few members living next to pods with dozens and they’re separated by culture or the very few members of one pod of orcas that strategically beach themselves to catch seals. That behavior is taught to younger orcas and not all those who try stick with it and continue to practice / actually hunt that way. it’s beautiful to watch

this kinda goes into how they teach each other.

And gah!!!!!! Ask your friend’s son if he knows why there’s more fossil evidence of octopuses than of squid…. It’s because squid have higher levels of uric acid in their body to help them be buoyant, whereas octopuses “walk” along the sea floor. So if conditions weren’t just right the bodies of squid break down faster than octopuses bodies do so a smaller window to even have conditions to create a fossil never mind that the fossil could be destroyed during any of the millions of years between then and now.

I’m autistic so I’ve been a ravenous information sponge for so many different topics


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I love all ceratopsian dinosaurs: Triceratops, Centrosaurus, and Styracosaurus. There’s so many more that I find fascinating like stegosaurus - what’s up with the plates?! But the ceratopsian dinosaurs are just so wild, they look so different yet the nasal horns that some have look so much like rhinoceros… in fact they all kind of look like rhinoceroses. Just delightful, and all but one species roamed on the west coast of America, I’m on the East coast and unfortunately due to how the Appalachian mountain range formed there’s literally nothing from Devonian to late Ordovician period which absolutely blows because I was obsessed with dinosaurs growing up, still am.

So yeah, I’ve studied dinosaurs, and other eras in the worlds past. One of the happiest times was when I finally got to visit the la Brea tar pits after having watched a movie about prehistoric mega fauna and wanting so badly to get to work in the “fishbowl” in the museum. I didn’t get to explore it as much as I wanted to but it was bliss.

Ha. Sorry for rambling. I get excited about it and want to get others excited. I think it’s crazy that adults don’t talk about or have favorite dinosaurs like we would have when we were kids.


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I mean. I’m not doing a deep dive into the Kardashians even tho they get some people hella excited.

There’s new stuff about quantum computing that just do not understand and can’t get my ADHD brain to pay attention to. It’s okay to not be super obsessed with space.

I still ask people what their favorite dinosaur is and most people don’t know or care. That’s okay.


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Too materialistic? No.

There’s not a collective pressure like beating the Russians to the moon to rally behind.

Space exploration hasn’t stopped. The James Webb telescope is sending back absolutely incredible images of the universe. Manned missions are still happening to the ISS and in part thanks to that we are learning an the limitations of the human body and just how ill equipped we are when it comes to extended space travel. The scientists / astronauts on ISS lose muscle mass even with extremely vigorous workouts. Our circulatory system is designed to work with / against gravity so in zero G it has to work harder yet it’s a muscle and can have muscle loss.

You can’t simplify it by saying we are too materialistic or selfish. The 80’s (when I was little) was hella materialistic and selfish yet we still had teachers showing nasa rocket launches during school.