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of course you will. confidently incorrect is literally your job title.

dude the reason you were doing 50 hour weeks of class time in academy is because the timespace continuum allowed it. Feel free to shout from the rooftops that you went to a pretend college, but lmk how spending 15 hours a week on schooling in undergrad goes. Why don't you pick a really dumb useless major like fine art where you can't skip the nonlecture time. 😂

Thanks for your service sir for sitting through your academy training.


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no. just no. not at all. you're talking about contact hours. I'm talking bachelors. the reason 12 is a full load is it's expected to be 36 hours of work. above that and you're pushing into 45 and heavy loads.

Postgrad can be more. but 3 hours of expected work is normal and no quite often you've got multiple hours of labs that aren't counted as contact hours since they aren't.

wtf? you really are a cop and you really do believe that undergrads are 4 years that people could have just done in a few months instead. 😂


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clearly it was more rigorous than your bachelors... where the hell did you get it? 😄 you only did 1800 hours for your degree? what the hell did you study?!

do a quick Google of the definition of a credit hour. where the hell did you go where 1 credit hour was the same as 1 hour of education per week? Many schools are 3-4, some are 6 once including labs and expected work outside of lecture time.


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Smiley publicly was a proponent of the new plate reading cameras in neighborhoods "just in case" that were specifically put in through a roundabout deal with the police for less than the $5k that would require a legislative vote.

pro. a. governmental. go-around. to. implement. data. harvesting. cop. cams.

dude won't care about your letters. we voted him in after he was publicly anti representative oversight.