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I was actually glad when I thought we moved past paper and pen. Reading through essays with different styles of handwriting, and not many of them are good, is tiring. And since I teach English to non-native, with doc texts I can use tools to identify grammar & spelling mistakes and wrong uses of words in an instant. Having to do those tasks manually is backward evolution to me.


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Not everyone has experience of arguing on the Internet. Although I have to admit that my ability to make points and explain has actually become better since I browsed more reddit.

Should I just encourage them to also browse reddit?


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I mean, I would like to read a good essay written about whatever I'm curious about at the moment, so I don't think limitation on that is good. Think about google search, just because students can't find any answers doesn't mean we should ban it.

But yeah, adaption is always required, and it is something humans are good at. People who know how to use google are much more advantaged than those who don't (knowing includes the ability to choose reliable sources of information)


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Thanks, it's a great suggestion. It could be very much helpful for myself and the students, and they would think of me as a cool teacher, already adopting ChatGPT in my teaching style.


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Haha no I'm actually excited about AI, thanks for your concern. Just that I realize it could pose some challenges in my actual work, and I myself try to learn dealing with obstacles, rather than deny or ignore them.

And is this comment AI generated. Some parts read like it.


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I agree, thanks for your input. Learning to work with AI should be included even in primary school, like coding nowadays is already taught to 5-6 years old kids.