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ive been walkin tha woods and no ticks yet oh wait, once in the shower, looking closely into my bellie button, i see a tiny, the tinniest tick imaginable, but i caught the bastard and then did the deed and scraped it out of my bellie button


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if you go all the way to the end, where the huge rocks are that you can see from Narragansett Beach its dope, I walked out there with my dog, once, I say once because to get there I crossed the do not enter sign, and on my way back out going past the military thing, all the dudes were doin drills right up near the fence. I almost feel they were there just to intimidate me as I walked through. Anyways if you go out there to the huge rocks, theres this weird stone bench right on top, on the bench(if Im rembering correctly its been a while) the word Friendship is chisled into the bench, only thing is, this is weird, the bench is cracked down the middle, splitting the word friendship in two


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chainsaws are a must have if you want to tame the suroundind lands

for instance many years ago the property i lived on would often flood wen it raind, back into the house

the land was backd up against a swampy woods, so one spring im sick of the situation, i go out into the swamp to find the drain plug, some way to drain the swamp away from my property...i locate the lay of the land through the forest to drain the swamp

so i get my chainsaw and go out to the swamp woods and blaze a trail for the swamp water to drain....i do this for like a mile through the swamp forest..all the while watching with satisfaction the swamp fallowing my trail i cut....hey todays st patties day the swamp water fled like st patties snakes ......and that did the trick......never again.......ever since there is no swamp water problem at my house thanx to that sweet sweet chainsaw action in the swamp forest