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Venues/bars that have shows to look into that would have locals (as well as touring acts) and I’m having punk/metal in mind: Mr. Roboto Project, Gooskis, Rock Room, Whisper Nest, Mr. Smalls Funhouse, Club Cafe, Black Forge, I am forgetting a bunch here.

Bigger venues for national touring acts: Stage AE, Mr. Smalls Theater (same location different room/vibe), Thunderbird, Roxian Theater, Spirit


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My wife and I went to keystone for their class and purchased from them. We are also leftists. Going in I was on guard to keep my politics to myself and braced to hear things I disagreed with but keep my head down so I could just get what I needed out of the place and gtfo. They didn’t get political except when someone in the class asked about gun laws in surrounding states if he was traveling with his gun and the guy running the class started in on New York being “communist city USA” but he didn’t elaborate a ton on “the commies” at least.


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I disagree with the desensitization angle purely based on the national reaction to the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests across the country and even internationally. I'd go so far as to suggest that people were/are very sensitive about it when they see these videos of violence against innocent people.


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Well, I can’t. My boiler died yesterday and while they got it going three of our radiators aren’t producing heat and may have an ice blockage so I’ve got to keep space heaters trained on at least two of them until hot water begins to circulate in them again


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> North hills has always been pretty barren as far as diversity of food

What are you talking about? They have an OLIVE GARDEN! You can take a TOUR OF ITALY. And a MAD MEX where right now they have a GOBBLERITO. that’s a BURRITO with thanksgiving dinner INSIDE OF IT. And RED LOBSTER which is the APPLEBEES OF THE SEA. And that’s not to even mention ARBY’S ON McKNIGHT ROAD

(I am being extremely sarcastic)