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Well I emailed and they said if the joists aren’t making ground contact it might require one but wtf does that mean like I have to put bare wood on the ground to not be permitted which seems unsafer than using sunken concrete deck stones


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I have a Tesla model 3 SR and drive to nova and back once a week , charge to 100% and can make the full 200 mile trip even in winter but it’s really close if it’s super cold or I drive doing 80-85 instead of 70 I sometimes have to stop at a supercharger for a few minutes to add 5-10% but then I get home and plug in.

If I bought again I’d probably get a long range for more flexibility as 230miles is juuuussst enough in the winter a LR woulda meant I never had to stop on the trip


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I’m sorry in what fucking fancy world is this suit safer? Ppl doing 90 in that right lane to skip traffic and get over at the very last second is the exact reason I’ve seen accidents happen wtf would a change into the left lane early when it’s not last second and rushed be less safe somehow?????

Saying that’s saying getting into the left lane ever is unsafe


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Maybe jUST maybe if everyone stopped f*#kin thinking that a few car lengths your supposed to leave wasn’t making you later we’d have less of this shit. I’ve had people following me doing 80 with maybe 3-4 ft between us it’s insane if you were 10ft further you’d still reach your destination at the same god damn time!!!! Seriously people seem to be bored on the highway they don’t actually get there any meaningful amount of time faster but their bored so they tailgate and switch lanes every 30 seconds for no damn reason your keeping up with traffic why do you feel like you can do better than the 40 cars in the lanes in front of you