luciensadi t1_ixus0aa wrote

Yeah, I think non-changeable residential LED light fixtures are a fad that's going to go away in the next decade or so as more people run into the hard truth that a failed fixture means replacement of the whole thing instead of just a bulb. As OP's discovering, a failed built-in LED means that you'll struggle with:

  • Finding something that matches the design of your existing fixtures ("sorry, they stopped making that design about four years ago when it went off-trend")

  • Getting a plastic color match to your existing fixtures ("look, I know the ones you have are yellowed with age / bleached from sun exposure, but I can't make that happen for this one that's been in the box this whole time")

  • Climbing a ladder and doing a full fixture replacement complete with de-coupling and re-coupling the electrical connections in the wall

There's a great Technology Connections video about the topic that I'd recommend to anyone who wants to go down the lighting rabbit hole!