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What even is a 'processed burger'? In my day, we just cut a slab off a four legged mammal, threw it on a bun, and were happy that we had a meal that didn't involve ground up bugs on top of stale noodles cooked in puddle water.


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Not sure what you mean by soaking. Usually tint is removed with a heat gun, and maybe a razor blade if adhesive gets left behind on the glass.

FWIW, if you just have two windows, it's a little tedious to do, but can be a pretty easy DIY project. A heat gun or even a blow dryer is all you really need.

Here's a randomly selected video (one of many) that shows the process.


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I think you might need to specify a time frame. Restaurants have been closing since restaurants were invented.

But some that I liked from the early 2000s to now:

RIP Cafe Gutenberg

RIP 4th St Diner

RIP Cafe Ole

RIP Azizas

RIP Pelon's and your voluptuous burritos 🥹

RIP 23rd and Main and mimosa brunch on the patio

RIP Nota Bene

RIP Camden's Dogtown Market

I could go on. So many RIPs...


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You do need to observe setback from property line. There's a PDF link at the bottom of that page regarding the zoning requirements on that.

If you have further questions, call or email them at the addresses at the bottom of that page. They're generally pretty responsive.


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A lil taste of that day:

As the first building burned, large flaming chunks of Tyvek were lifted aloft by the wind, carrying the fire to other buildings.

A friend of a friends truck didn't burn, but was close enough to the heat that all the rubber and plastic melted, and was a total loss.


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There are a few posts on this subreddit from a Tommy's rep, u/Jesusismycurseword.

And if your search 'Tommy' on here, you can read about other customer experiences with them. At least their customer service seems legit.

IDK if Flagship also does this, but if you install the Tommy's app, you get a month of free washes, so you could try them both and see who you like better.