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Pho so 1 moved to the old david's bridal across where food lion changed to new grand mart.

Haven't been in awhile, but pho thien phat was just as good the last time I went. Was always curious what happened there.. seems like some sorta feud.


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Been fan of pho so 1 since the 90s. Pho so 1 and pho tay do (are they still cash only?) are the OG pho restaurants.

Try the grilled pork chops if you haven’t.


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The door thresholds and seals around the door, expanding foam around the electrical boxes in the ceiling to attic (light fixtures, exhaust fan), areas between floor joists on the exterior wall, anywhere there was something ran through exterior wall like dryer vent, wires, conduit.


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170 in a 100 year old attached rowhouse. Temp is between 65-68. About r38 I’m the attic with a lot of expansion foam to seal air gaps in the unfinished basement, ceiling, and wall penetrations.

16 year old 10 seer heat pump that’s properly charged and maintained. I use my ecobee to lockout my heat strips, upgraded to a demand defrost board, and monitor performance with beestat. My heat pump will maintain temp until the low teens.


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Highlanders are ridiculously durable. Toyotas are usually the easiest cars to work on too so I’d give these guys the middle finger for all this work at 70k.

I’d definitely decline and take the fail sticker. It’s been years, but I had a very good honest experience with halls in the west end. Boulevard auto is my go to in midlothian. I’m sure you can search and find a lot of other recommendations.