mathieu_delarue t1_je7lkxg wrote

ACA insurance paybacks are real, but for 2022 the income threshold that would normally trigger a full repayment is not in effect. Put another way: a tax household making more than 400% of the federal poverty line can still qualify for the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) in 2022.

You’re right around the line (assuming no kids), but either way you have a monthly amount based on income that you are expected to pay. Everybody gets access to the middlest of the mid-tier plans (the second lowest cost silver plan) if they are willing to pay their contribution amount. The difference between your contribution amount and the mid-tier plan’s cost is your PTC. If you end up getting too much advanced, you have to pay it back.

25k is a big number, but not impossible. If you had no withholdings, maybe. If your spouse is self-employed and you didn’t pay chunky estimates, more likely. But either way a full repayment situation is maybe not so likely for a couple making less than 80k in tax year 2022. Your dude may not know the ceiling got blown off for 2022, or there may be other things in the mix that you’re not picking up on.

Good luck! If you owe you owe, but if you’re not sure you can consider paying (on time, avoiding potential penalties and interest) and then extending the filing deadline to have more time to sort it out. Or file, request an installment plan(s), and seek to potentially amend asap once you’ve gotten a clear answer.