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Lots of companies put themselves out of business for short term profit. But that’s not the case here.

Casual and entry level PC gamers have moved to laptops and used gear from crypto and one of those is temporary. Hell, Intel is entering the market from the bottom!

But also the top end of the market expanded as people found a new way to show off. Just like cars and TVs and houses etc. There’s no issue here. Different, not worse.


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Oh sure they can. Is it based on individual two factor authentication though, so a laptop for someone who was dismissed can’t be unlocked? I would assume that’s the issue for the M1 and newer laptops with fingerprint scanners. Can’t invite fired employees back to unlock, or remote employees, not worth the cost. They should resell them, but most won’t and in fact will pay to get rid of them securely, and to avoid corruption of an in-house team handling merchandise, basically.


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You do have to opt in, otherwise how would they push it?


I'm not saying I know everything about this situation - I don't care to spend time to research a product I don't own.

But if you're getting email/text notifications it's not secret.