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It is, but again the only non-sweatshop and non-unethically sourced resources phone maker I'm aware of is Fairphone. It gets even harder when you consider how many lithium mines are mined by like child slaves and in horrible conditions.

I mean maybe but from what I've seen that can only go so far. Maybe you can push a company to stop being homophobic, like say Chick-fil-A in America, but they reserve the right to donate to more conversion therapy organizations if they want to.

I'm not suggesting anything, I just think we don't have as much power as suggested because we're all over the map. You can try social democracy and reform capitalism like parts of the EU but there it took them years just to get Apple to adopt USB-C lol. And lol I tried to read Metamorphosis for the second time a few weeks ago and I cannot get into his writing. I wish I could, it seems interesting.


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Okay but what are my options? Let's keep using smartphones. I don't get an iPhone, then I can get a Google Pixel. Which is probably made in a similar factory, or Samsung, same deal. The only option that I'm aware of is Fairphone and those are just as expensive and may not work in my country. And most people's phones are tied to their phone provider so they don't have to pay an outright fee of $700 to $1500 minimum depending on brand and going rate in your country.


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Shitty ticket prices are nothing new and they can be the most devoted Communists you'd ever seen in your life, they still have to play by capitalism's rules because they live under it. 125 American is still pretty shitty but that's the going right unfortunately. And who knows how much of that is Ticketmaster.


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I didn't miss your point, the point is that we don't have that much power individually as wallet voters. You can try to "cancel" someone like Louis CK but he will be back. You can demand Apple, for example, to stop using sweatshops but considering it took government action to have them change from lightning to USB-C, us being uncomfortable about it won't do much. Unfortunately.