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I mean, the kid's 10. I'm pretty sure that's around when I first heard it, like 5th grade. That and "XYZ." But the kid who told me was as flabbergasted as you that I hadn't heard it, so who the hell knows.


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You're reading sex into places where it isn't. You're the one pushing sex into these situations. The drag performers aren't acting sexually. The kids aren't perceiving any sex. They're hearing average childrens' stories read by people doing performance art.

You don't understand the difference between sex and gender, and your comment is getting very violent about it.


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Last I checked!

I actually never loved eating inside because it's dingy and cramped, especially post-covid, but I sometimes stop in just to get the Jackie O dessert to go.

"I used to make for Jackie Onassis, on the yacht." (Which is apparently true as far as I know.) It's this whipped custard cake thing and it's very good, Jackie or no lol


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Whatever you feel about whether you were morally right, here, and I do believe there's grey area in like a cosmic sense when he came at you like that . . . you cannot physically attack people in school, because they don't weigh physical and mental attacks the same way. You won't be punished that severely; it's just a fight. You might get suspended, but no one in your adult life will ever care. Just don't do it again.