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The axes should be switched. The way they are presented now appears to suggest that health expenditure results from life expectancy rather than the other way around and that USA gets a better result than other countries (shorter life but more spending!), while the takeaway should be the opposite.


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What is the definition of a pub used here? A pub in a traditional sense is a bar licensed to sell alcoholic drinks to be consumed on premises and where patrons are allowed to drink alcohol, and is not a hotel. Most countries prohibit drinking alcohol in the public outside of such establishments.

In the nineties, my dad used to work in St. Pantaleon in Braunau district, a village of ca. 3,000, right at the border with Salzburg. There used to be a Gasthof there (torn down since then) and at least two more place where you could get a drink (one by the Höllerersee lake, and one disco/pub in Trimmelkam). I guess the Gasthof wouldn't really qualify since it's an inn, but the other bars would certainly qualify to be pubs.

Thus, if a sparsely populated agricultural commune (Gemeinde) of several thousand residents with very little tourism could support at least two pubs (ca. one per 2,500) plus one drinking place (right across the street of where my dad rented an apartment), I doubt that there would be less than several thousand pubs in all of Austria.

Unless it's a "pub" as in a traditional English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish pub, complete with the decor and selection of dishes and drinks, in which case I'm shocked there are that many such pubs in Austria.


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I'm frightened about countries in which General Positive is ranked so highly. Who is that general? Why is he such an important inspiration for meaning in life?

(And while my comment above is tongue in cheek, I still wonder about the exact question asked, because "General Positive" attitude towards life giving it meaning sounds incredibly hollow and to me it indicates a "General Dissatisfaction" and meaninglessness with inability to name what is important to the individual.)