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Well, if you’re anything like the three different locksmiths I’ve had to employ, you had no idea how to open the lock without a key, so you smashed your way in through a window, boarded it up, and will tell us I now need to call a glazier and you’ll be back a week on Thursday to replace the lock.


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Reply to comment by Steev182 in [homemade] Jamaican patties by ehxy

You’re not supposed to eat the crust on a Cornish pasty. That’s for holding it.

There was a Australian here on reddit trying to tell us pasties we’re invented in Perth before WW1. He got shut down pretty quick. The romans apparently beat the Australians to it.


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If you’re ever in the UK, get out of London and go see Osborne house. Home of Queen Victoria. It’s a beautiful place and has some lovely walks. The rooms are mostly restored or untouched, and there are thousands of photographs.

You can see pics of Wilhelm and the other kids (later kings of various European countries) and he’s the one stood off not playing with the others.

Described by the maids as sulky, jealous, and occasionally spiteful.


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Honestly since Maccys have started storing meat in humidifiers at 70degsC the meat isn’t hot enough to melt the cheese.

All maccys beef burgers are also served almost cold because of this.

I miss the old days of hot and fresh maccys, and when the fries were cooked in 45% beef tallow.


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Nobody apart from a few loud internet people want repairability. People want a shiny brand new phone every few years.

If Samsungs/Apples customer base had repairability in their top 20 wants, we’d have had it by now.

Nobody wants it. Nobody buys these phones that come up again and again offering swappable cheap parts, upgradeable modular parts or other shit that gives people a way out of obsolescence, because they are upgrading their phones every few years.

They joy of owning the latest S25 ultra overrides any thoughts of repair.