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Ya know what? I kinda hope they are listening! I’ll sacrifice the ability to freely discuss my private matters at the table in exchange for being able to whisper “I sure could use more Diet Coke” and a waiter would instantly appear. I’ll make that trade all day. Besides, what’s getting said in private at Texas Roadhouse? Has anyone ever said “Look, we have a very secret and private matter to discuss, let’s head to Texas Roadhouse and hash this out.”


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I was using a bit hyperbole. I don’t live on a boat full time. Just part time during the summer months. It’s pretty great really. I’m a boater, and love being on the river. So it’s cool to have a little house on the river that I can start up and drive around. For me it’s more about boating than having a house. What I mean by that is I know some people that live on a boat because it’s a cheap way to live. For me it’s a hobby. I like boating and a houseboat is the perfect type of boat for what I do now. I’ve owned all different types of boats, but houseboating is where I’m at right now. If you have specific questions, feel free to “slide into my DM’s” as the kids say.


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Anyone that wanted to claim ownership of that boat could have taken it. Problem is, it would cost far more to remove than it would ever be with. Two engines that were submerged for the better part of a year, plus frozen and thawed. Their toast. Every inch of wiring and everything electrical would need replaced. The wood in the transom and stringers is now soaked and rotten. All the upholstery is done. Carpet. Canvas. History. And before all that happened it was a 40ish year old Bayliner that was broke down to begin with. I bet it cost over $10k to pick it up out of the muck. Plus hauling it to wherever they’re taking it and storage until it can be stripped to go to the landfill. Then the disposal cost. Taking that free boat would likely cost more than buying two running boats.


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I’m a boater and this situation has been discussed at length on the local boating facebook pages. If scuttlebutt is to be believed, this guy got a boat he couldn’t really afford. Then couldn’t afford docking. Then it broke and he couldn’t afford to fix it. The he just decided to pick up and move out of state.


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That’s part of the issue. The bigger issue is the cost to remove it. Bringing in equipment to lift and haul that boat out will be wicked expensive. I bet $10k it more. Then it needs to be hauled somewhere to be stored. It can’t be scrapped until the paperwork is done. Storage is another cost. Then it will need striped down and made safe to send to a landfill. This is all going to cost a bundle. So here’s the thing: Let’s say you own a towing and recovery company. And the state says “get the boat out of there.” If they don’t pay you up front, your company is on the hook for all that cost. If the owner won’t pay, then you’re stuck with that bill. Sure, they can go after the owner, but if he could or would pay, the boat would already be gone. They can try to force him but that’s going to take a while. And if they win a judgment for the money, the owner of the boat can still skip out on the bill. No recovery company will be willing to touch that until they have cash in hand. And no one wants to lay out the cash.


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It’s over when you feel the need to check her phone. It’s over when you actually do check her phone. Not excusing what she did, but you must have known on some level, that’s why you felt the need to snoop. When you feel that need it’s over, either you can’t trust her or she can’t trust you. Maybe y’all can move past it, but I’d bet it’s going to take some counseling.


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I can’t believe these things still exist. I don’t see how it’s a profitable business plan. They get rented for next to nothing, then abandoned wherever they happen to be. Thrown in rivers, dumpsters, crashed etc. The scooter company must cover thousands of repairs and replacements every year. I figured they’d last a few months then go away.


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It’s funny to me that it says estimated $103k-$130k a year. What that means is, Eat’n Park didn’t list a salary, so indeed just made that up. Somewhere indeed has a list of jobs and what they think they pay. And on that list is “Salad Bar Team Member” and somehow they arrived at that being a 6 figure job.


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I’m so happy to hear there’s more people like me. I wouldn’t classify myself as a “lefty” per se, but I’m definitely left of center and I’m pretty much a hard core liberal whatever compared to most of the “gun culture”. I grew up rural and have been hunting, shooting and owning guns my whole life. I stopped hunting about the time I realized that hunting usually takes place early in the morning when it’s cold, and those are two things I’m not a fan of. But I still own guns and like to shoot. I’m licensed to carry a gun, but rarely do.


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For years I held on to my dads last text to me. And his last voicemail. Then I had to switch phones once and everything backed up except texts and voicemails. All gone. Bums me out when I think about it. After he died, I found some old vhs tapes that I think contain home videos. I haven’t been able to watch them yet. Mom died 10 years before and I haven’t heard her voice since. I may be ready to see the videos one day, but not yet.


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Reply to comment by imadv8r2 in School students in Sq Hill by soparklion

I’m not sure I understand your outrage. I didn’t take issue with the word “those”. Context matters. I merely pointed out that his statement may be taken in a way he didn’t desire. And even pointed out that may not have been intentional. I’m not offended or calling for anyone to be “canceled”. Just made an observation. And I don’t think I said anything negative or racist about Sensei George. In fact, I don’t know George’s race, so it would be pretty hard for me to have racism in my heart for him. I get it. You hate modern pc cancel culture and had a rant chambered, but I’m not sure my comment was worthy of your diatribe.