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  1. SEO, Ted
  2. All that story doesn't make it copyrighteable. The list of ingredients and simple instructions are never copyrighted.

For example: << 1 lemon ½ tsp salt

  1. put the salt in the lemon >>

This can never be copyrighted. But <<A golden citrus with sourness and sweetness evoking summer, plus a pinch of sea salt, hefty as if a grandma salting a sauce, the latter atop the former.>> is copyrighteable (copyrighteable materiales gain copyright by default). Still, even though I could challenge any usage of an exact copy of that paragraph, if you transcribed it unto simple instructions, the that would be totally fair.

So, tl;dr, if someone writes like this because they think it makes the ingredient and steps portion copyrighted, they are wrong.