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Reply to 6 foot sub? by TheScoob

Wawa used to back in the day, but probably not as good anymore, but an option


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I read the reviews and saw the chef personally reply with a very snarky comment about how they will be the best restaurant in Richmond and how the food here isn’t that good essentially which really rubbed me the wrong way for a place that came up through here


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I left a comment in this thread, but went Monday night for dinner and WOOF it was very bad. The food was literally tasteless, the entrees anyway. I had the eggplant which tasted like air and jarred sauce, wife had the spaghetti which tasted like something i could make at home and MIL had the orcchiette pasta that was equally as flavorless. So confusing because we’ve had their pop ups and they were incredible. Not to mention they charged $3 for Parmesan cheese “because it comes from Italy”. Not to mention each dish was nearly $20 or more, $15 cocktails, etc. Cost us over $30 per person with no drinks and 1 appetizer.

Honestly the whole place gives me a stuck up, cold vibe like we know Italian food and if you don’t like it, it’s your fault, not ours. Wish them the best but won’t be going back there at all.


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Oh man we went to Sprezza for the first time this week and it was really bad and expensive, like the food had no flavor expensive, which was mind blowing considering how amazing the pop ups were. Then i looked at the google reviews and saw other people complaining about the lack of flavor in the food. Not sure what’s going on but it was crushing to say the least.