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I think it was getting bellow 0.1 in the demo even 12 years ago. The fact is that barely anyone watched it back then, it got super hyped because it was like catnip for TV critics. The only reason it's back is because it's dirt cheap to produce and all the stars are taking a massive discount on their pay (I won't be surprised if they're getting just a few thousand dollars per episode).


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>but Brianna refused because abortion is bad I guess 🤷‍♀️

The show really didn't adapt how all the characters are deeply religious in the books. Bree is a practicing catholic who grew up in 50s/60s Boston, of course she'd think that abortion is bad.


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It never actually had a chance. It needed something like 2.5 rating in the 18-49 demo for it to be successful and there was no way in hell it was going to get right out of the gate (and on Sunday nights going up against Fox animated shows).

By '09 there was simply no way for a broadcast network to launch that sort of big budgeted drama and give it enough time, support and exposure for it grow like AMC, FX or HBO could do for their prestige dramas, and I honestly don't think there ever was time NBC or any other broadcast network could've done it. It took until the final half season of Breaking Bad for it to be a legit hit, Game Of Thrones also took a few seasons to turn into a blockbuster, same with Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men was never a hit in the first place.


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The NERVA project was the closest we got. NASA was ready to build a prototype and send it up for testing and it actually had support in Congress (unlike every other non-Shuttle thing), but Nixon killed it out of spite because Congress killed the American Concorde project. Some people in Congress even tried to tie it to the Shuttle (imagine the possibilities of Shuttle launch nuclear thermal kick stage) but Nixon being the petty b*tch he was told NASA to not use the money Congress allocated for it.


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Ron Moore, the original show runner, left halfway through season 3 but his influence could still be felt through the reminder of the season and even in some parts the following season. Moving the location of the story to America was and continues to be a drag, but what really made it bad were some of the terrible screen writing decisions (the switch in the ring that was stolen and the aftermath of that, Roger and Bree's fight, not having Bree getting to know the Murrys, just Roger in general, Claire and Jamie missing the birth etc) that needlessly departed from the events in the books.

Season 6 kinda returned to form so if I'd recommend you'd catch up.


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Kevin Costner did it for relatively pittance when he made Dances With Wolves. Adjusted for inflation the whole film cost $50 million (22 mil in 1990). The reason 1923 cost that much is that Paramount are willing to literally throw money at Sheridan, and as a result he and everyone down the chain to lowest subcontractor know that they could demand ridicules rates and get it.