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It's a bit concerning that a nurse gave this man when he appeared quite limp sedating medication after he had been physically manhandled. Several grown adults laying across him for several minutes, and now he's limp. I would hope a nurse in that position would reassess if the indication of the order matches the presentation of the patient. If the indication for the IM medication was agitation, then I mainly saw that in the behavior of the deputies rather than the patient and victim.


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That's not paint, it's just the way the metal oxidized over time. Not a metal doctor but it could be that it was plated and the physical deformation (it being bent) ruined the integrity of the plating, could be that during the attempt to free the body tools were used on it and that damaged it in some fashion that altered how it oxidized.


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A majority of the Richmond-metro area's hospital beds are located in Richmond, COVID results are probably attributed to the locality of the reporting hospital not the locality of the patient's residence. MCV and Chippenham are both in Richmond with ~1400 beds combined. Henrico Doctor's hospital is carrying the weight of Henrico with 767 beds. St Francis in Midlothian has 130 beds. This could be where and why the numbers are getting funky because I'm pretty sure most hospitals still require a COVID test for inpatient admissions.