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The brain has a redundancy system, so to speak. Benzos work on one of the systems, but the other still works enough to keep you going even though you are sedated. Alcohol affects the other redundant system, which is why they are dangerous when taken together, both types of receptors are being affected.


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In your settings, you can/ should turn off access from your data provider to the social media sites you are using. It is reversible, but it takes a little time to remind yourself why you turned off in the first place.


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Is it possible there was some sort of Pavlovian conditioning; the song reminding you of an unpleasant time in your life? For me there is a song that was very popular at the time my best friend died in a house fire. For forty years ( until current) I cannot listen to that song.


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Sounds like you had the fortune of meeting a Shangrilain. They only eat twice a year, and it is custom for the dessert to be a condemned prisoner from the village. They are known to fuel their enormous appetites by smoking generous amounts of hashish ( root word: assassin, named so because of this eating ritual). You should have asked him if he had any carpets for sale, they are deft craftsmen producing the most valuable carpets in the world.