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Not necessarily a removal, per se... but a relocation of "Jimmy Jazz" on London Calling would help it immensely. You start off with the incredible one-two punch of the title track plus "Brand New Cadillac"... and then this daffy, droopy little number that stops the momentum cold.

I'd move it to just after "The Card Cheat".


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Both are correct, of course, but at different levels of conception and understanding.

One can easily look at history and see that much of it is chaotic, subject to human whims and illusions, and rife with repetition of the same tragedies and folly, recurring endlessly. But, at the same time, if one considers all of human culture over the fullness of time, you can ascertain that the arc of history (to paraphrase MLK) is long, and it bends toward justice.

Within anyone's given lifetime, it's impossible to perceive that arc... just as it's difficult to see the curvature of the world when sitting in an open field. But the world is spherical, nonetheless.


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Our first trip there, 13 years ago, we based in Selva/Wolkenstein (every town has like two-three names, btw). So many great places to go and see, but for god's sake don't miss Seceda. Here are our pix, broken out by location:

More recently, we based in the Val di Fassa in town called Vigo/Viche. Equally stunning area, but a little less jammed with tourists (thankfully). Once again, categorized by location, here are some pix:

MODS: I realize these albums include shots that are not EarthPorn-ready, per rule 2, but this guy is looking for recommendations. With that in mind, I hope you'll let this post stand. Thank you.


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I've stayed twice in the Dolomites, and many other places in the world too. It's the only spot where both I and Mrs. 1LW have considered making a semi-regular (like, once-a-year) destination. The scenery, the hiking trails, the unpretentious locals, the hearty food & wines... all 100% top-tier. (If they could only fix the peak-season traffic in the Val Gardena.)

Anyway, beautiful shot. I'm ready to go back.


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People are always stunned to learn that most of the languages in Europe and the near-east are all related and derive from a common ancestor language (Indo-European). And they are also stunned to learn that horse culture (i.e. horse-based transportation) is only a few thousand years old.

Not too many figure out that these two facts are closely related to each other. The people who revolutionized transportation spread their language, culture and religion everywhere they went.


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The Who -- Who's Next

REM -- Reckoning

U2 -- Achtung Baby

Porcupine Tree -- Deadwing

Pink Floyd -- Animals

Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album

Genesis -- A Trick of the Tail

These albums simply demand to be listened to as albums, and they reward the listener with a captivating experience from start to finish.