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When we talk about individual action, we aren't talking about recycling.

Corporations can't magically find a "green" way to manufacture all the creature comforts we demand to consume, because the very products themselves are carbon-intensive. The only way to realistically make a difference is to curtail most industrial manufacturing, which DOES imply that ordinary people are going to have to make cutbacks and change their lives.

Here is a list of things that BOTH corporations AND individuals need to eliminate in order to have a shot at fighting climate change:

Personal vehicles, air travel, air conditioning, meat and animal products, single family homes, and electronics. Does it sound extreme? Sure, but these are extreme times. We ignored the warnings for decades.


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While YES, it is true that the development of metabolic syndrome is multifactorial and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption correlates with other poor dietary choices...

...Are you really trying to say "we don't have enough data to say that sugary beverages strongly drive poor health?" It's clear from the data that it is a strong contributor; just because it's not the ONLY contributor doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve significant blame.


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This is just your excuse to persuade yourself into a war while still feeling that you're not racist or dehumanizing anyone.

The fact of the matter is, many Chinese and Russian people aren't simply "Americans on the inside, waiting to be freed from oppressive government." They rightfully appreciate the things that work about their governments, and the plurality of people in those countries aren't overly opposed to the government, otherwise there would already have been revolutions.

For you to think that those people somehow need to be "rescued" into the arms of the American-dominated liberal international (really, just imperial) order is the height of chauvanism.


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How come, when it comes to light that Asian restaurants are being disproportionately handed bad health inspections - everyone always jumps on blaming Asians or assuming that the inspections are objective - but when it is brought up that black people are disproportionately arrested, the whole world jumps to the conclusion that it is ONLY because police are racist and that is is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE that black people might, in fact, commit more crimes?

Typical Reddit racism. Americans recognize the mistreatment of non-Asian (black, hispanic, TQIA++) minorities, yet gaslight Asians for the racism they face and refuse to acknowledge that Asians are the last minority all Americans can discriminate against and still be accepted.


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This is a pretty BAD way to display the data. Because you've chosen to display the months radially, each individual day of the month is a different size, which gives the last day of the month a massively disproportionate visual presence compared to the first; whereas the data says they should be weighted equally.

Hence, we notice how you're feeling toward the end of the month MUCH more than we notice about your first half. Not good a display choice.