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Yeah and what were they for some companies during Covid? Some companies got killed. You need to do what you can to survive. They can only raise prices and make such a high profit or they will be undercut by a competitor or buyers will move on or we go into a real recession and profit margins reset because people can’t afford as much and companies will take what they can get.


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It was otm options with a strike 6-8 months/ surrounding a time with a positive catalyst for the company. Being down 60% at one time with a plan to average down over the course of 8 months isn’t that big of a deal. The stop loss cripples you. Again,unless you are professionally daytrading, which is also extremely difficult but not many people can do. They can see your stop losses.


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Are you a professional day trader? If not. Don’t have stop losses. Research. And invest over time in companies you believe will be worth more in the future. Once you’re up by 10/20%. Start selling otm covered calls a couple of weeks out with a small premium. Also dont invest money you’re not willing to watch go to zero.


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Not just corporations…. Really everyone. With people as comfortable as they have been with an abundance of jobs, and employers desperate to hire, it has contributed greatly to the rampant inflation we’ve seen.


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Or they’ll just leave. And the state won’t attract other wealthy individuals. It was a lazy law made to make average people feel warm and fuzzy. I’m fine with a progressive tax rate. Increasing the amount taxed over a million by 80% was dumb and will hurt the state in the long run.