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Heard many good things about this film from TIFF. It was interesting.

It's a standard typical character study portray about writer Emily Brontë with gorgeous camerawork, costumes and a strong lead performance from Emma Mackey. Bronte who wrote Wuthering Heights has an interesting background and the film does a decent job exploring her personality and background. The camerawork is beautiful, the uses of soundtrack was good, and the colors although certain moments felt too dark; felt purposeful to it's setting. Mackey's performance as the lead character was great alongside with Fionn Whitehead and Alexandra Dowling as Whitehead and Dowling had great moments together. The other performances from the cast were alright but felt kind of underacted at times.

The narrative is pretty standard and the standard structure does make certain moments feel too slow as it made the movie a bit boring. The direction from Frances O'Connor is decent although a bit uneven. The characters of Emily and her brother Branwell were the most interesting parts as anytime the two are on screen, there is great chemistry and atmosphere together. While the other characters were unfortunately were kind of dull and not as interesting.

Overall, the film still holds strong with a strong lead performance, camerawork and pretty good written dialogue that was interesting to listen. The mask scene was brilliantly executed.



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What a Great Film!

It's a beautiful character study about summer childhood and bond ship between people with strong writing, beautiful camerawork, beautiful colors, and gorgeous soundtrack. The performances from the cast members were fantastic and the child acting was brilliant. Every performance helped to create the characters to feel nature and realistic in their settings. The story is simple but it's execution was well-made due to the direction's style, pacing, and theme explored. It's one of the best films of 2022 and it deserves more recognition from the public.



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Got to see this in theaters prior to Netflix's release. I know this film is getting very diverse responses but I liked it.

I have been keeping up with Alejandro González Iñárritu for sometime as he has made some great films in recent times. Films like Amores Perros, Babel, and Biutiful are absolutely amazing. Here, while it does feel a bit overindulgent, I still found it to be unique. The camerawork, production, sound designs and performances from the cast members were all pretty good. Amazing shots throughout the film helps build the scenarios and colorful sets, and the performances did help to add some energy to the characters. The soundtrack is good and there are some strange but interesting or clever dialogue used throughout.

The narrative definitely has quite a lot of interesting concepts and themes explored about politics, existential crisis, and identity throughout. Most of these concepts and themes were well-explored through it's main character and story but admitly, some of the elements were unnecessarily stretched out and does feel a bit sloppy at times. There are some notable terrible audio-dubbing I noticed that really felt out of place. Some of the pacing could use some work. Being one of my most anticipated films, it wasn't as amazing as I hoped for but I still enjoyed it. Overall, it's an interesting watch tho it’s not the best work from Iñárritu.