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The founder is pretty much in the background. He's an academic and I think he knows when to not be in charge of a business. Our COO is highly technical and very very good. I'm not terribly surprised they got rid of the CEO. It's not that he was bad it just didn't seem like he was pushing us in ways we need to go.


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>Significant policy changes would be needed for US-based manufacturers tobe even remotely competitive. As things stand, they face three seriousimpediments — all inflicted by the government.


Translation: cut taxes, cut regulations, give us more money, shield us financially from failure.


Same as it ever was. If we were 'exceptional', we'd find a way to succeed regardless of impediments. According to the editors, however, we're doomed before we start not because of ourselves and our own ambition and drive but because of 'them'.


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90 min? When I was doing it I ran in to people on the Amtrak who were riding in from Sacramento to either the Berkeley station to catch a bus or BART in to the city or taking it all the way to Santa Clara. That's almost 3 hours one way assuming the train isn't late or gets stopped due to someone on the tracks (dead or alive). And, yeah...Amtrak...that never happens.


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If you go to their data link, there are multiple images. Rather than choosing the map showing overall rates for all groups, they chose the 'non-hispanic black adults' map for some reason. Hence, the white bits are labelled 'insufficient data'. Given the number of blacks at least in MT, this is not surprising. Still, kind of stupid to present obesity data for only part of the entire US population and then show heart disease rates for all demographics


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Yes, if you look at the shallow water equations for river flow, the right hand side will basically be predominated by a) slope driving flow and b) friction resisting flow. The friction resisting flow will be determined by the water velocity, the characteristics of the bed material, and the water depth. As water depth increases (e.g. during a flood) the frictional forces decrease as h^(4/3) where h is water depth.


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If a bullet could maintain straight line flight, with the bullet axis coincident with the flight axis, then the effect should theoretically be zero.

However, a variety of factors can cause the two axes to NOT be coincident. In this case, imagine you're driving down the road with the window down and you put your hand out. If you angle your hand relative to the flow of air past it, you can easily feel the increased drag on your hand.

The whole point of spinning the bullet (gyroscopic stabilization) is to keep the two axes coincident through the expected/desired flight path of the bullet.